5 Ways Local MLS Broker Marketplaces Give Small Businesses a Fair Shot

Share with your peers how local broker marketplaces give small and large brokerages an equal chance at winning business.

You’ve invested a great deal into building, growing and promoting your business in your community. It takes a lot: finding reliable data; creating meaningful connections with clients and other business owners; and establishing an innovative business approach that sets you apart from competitors. It’s your secret sauce—your unique recipe for success.

But if you’re making a sauce, you’ll need a quality pan to bring all those ingredients together.

Your local broker marketplace is that saucepan, bringing it all together—working for the benefit of home buyers and sellers, promoting competition in real estate and providing access to the fair and trustworthy data that drives the homebuying and selling process.

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So how does your local broker marketplace complement your secret sauce? How does it support your growth and equip you with what you need to do business?

What local broker marketplaces provide: 

  • Reliable data that small businesses can trust. Real estate listings aren’t simply picked up from websites or public sources. They are created, vetted, verified, marketed, publicized and shared by real estate professionals. Then, they’re posted on localized data hubs. These hubs allow even the smallest real estate business to compete with the largest.
  • A vehicle to create meaningful connections. Local broker marketplaces create the largest opportunity for connections between real estate agents with properties to sell and those with clients looking to buy. 
  • Opportunities and access. Compiling housing information that is accessible to all businesses in one place not only enables smaller real estate brokerages to compete with larger ones but also lets new agents compete with top producers. 
  • A platform for unprecedented competition. Many different service and compensation models thrive in local broker marketplaces.  
  • A pro-entrepreneur market. Local broker marketplaces create a point of access for smaller real estate businesses to compete. This allows businesses with unique consumer services, technology and other innovative approaches to promote their offerings on a wider scale.

Local broker marketplaces have been the main ingredient for successful real estate brokerages of all sizes for decades. Talk to clients and colleagues about how these benefits have helped your business grow, and help the National Association of REALTORS® spread the word about the value of local broker marketplaces and the deep expertise REALTORS® bring to their work every day.

For more resources and information on how local broker marketplaces advance small businesses, check out competition.realtor for infographics, articles and more.