Techniques to grow your following and provide value your clients won’t find from your competitors.
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Social media is the place to talk with clients about your brand, neighborhood expertise, and insights into the current and future real estate market. With more than 4 billion social media users worldwide, according to the Digital 2021: Global Overview Report, published in partnership with Hootsuite, it’s important to know the rules of engagement for growing your following—and thus, your business.

  1. Respond quickly to all direct messages you receive on all social media platforms. Think of them as live chats. Clients and prospects expect a same-day response, or else they’ll move on to the next agent or broker.
  2. When advertising on social media, make sure to set specific, timely goals. Measuring these goals can help you justify or recalibrate your ad budget. Track your ad growth using each platform’s specific analytics tools, such as clicks, shares, likely sales, etc.
  3. Use a social media calendar to plan your posts. If you have a team member who’s responsible for social media management, make him or her accountable to the calendar. Alternatively, you could automate your posts, which can save you time and help you target optimal user browsing times. But be careful: Automation can be a drag on authenticity.
  4. Make sure your content, voice, and tone are distinctive. While this can include slang when appropriate, limit usage of such words so as not to undermine your professionalism. To be a standout on social media, know what your competitors are sharing on their channels and fill a void their content doesn’t. Also, consider using social media channels your competitors aren’t. You can own a platform they’re not using.
  5. Make sure your social profiles are consistent and your user names, images, copy, links, photos, and videos match across all platforms. Plus, every one of your profiles should link back to your website.