Americans say they long for a career as a luxury real estate agent even more than as a social media influencer, according to a new survey.

Tell your kids: Social media influencers like Mr. Beast—who has 255 million subscribers on YouTube—have nothing on you.

Those who work in real estate may have the job most people wish they had, even more than being an influencer on YouTube. “Luxury real estate agent” landed on a recent list of “America’s most envied jobs,” ahead of other careers like video game designers, marine biologists, fashion designers and more. HostingAdvice, a web hosting information resource, recently surveyed 3,000 respondents to find out which occupations Americans most envy and want for themselves.

“Luxury real estate agents operate in a realm where opulence and dreams converge,” researchers say about the occupation, which landed at number four on its list.  “They navigate a world of breathtaking properties, from sprawling estates to penthouses with skyline views, offering them an insider’s look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. This career is envied for its glamorous blend of luxury, negotiation and the thrill of closing the deal.”

A profession as a luxury real estate agent was most coveted among survey respondents in states such as Connecticut and Delaware, researchers found. Here are the 17 most envied jobs in America, according to the survey:

  1. Wildlife photographer
  2. Chocolatier
  3. Adventure tour guide
  4. Luxury real estate agent
  5. Vineyard manager/winemaker
  6. Craft brewer
  7. Social media influencer
  8. Environmental scientist
  9. Video game developer
  10. Cheese artisan
  11. Marine biologist
  12. Fashion designer
  13. TV anchor/host
  14. Aerospace engineer for space exploration companies
  15. Digital nomad web designer
  16. Magazine editor
  17. Entertainment lawyer