Make More Powerful Gestures of Gratitude

Pumpkins with "tis the season to be thankful" written on them

© Melissa Ross - Moment / Getty Images

’Tis the season to show your appreciation, and sometimes the simple words “thank you” don’t seem like enough.

A public display of thanks can show your appreciation. Offer thanks to a colleague on a companywide channel or post an Instagram story that mentions your client.

Consider hosting a client appreciation event over the holidays, such as a special dinner or even visits with Santa Claus for children. Need ideas? Read about what other real estate pros have done: Show Your Clients Appreciation—And They’ll Show You Some, Too!

Or make your gesture more simple but meaningful: Handwrite a letter thanking your clients for their business. “In today’s world of digital-first communication, a handwritten note is a real gift,” writes Kelly Konya for the Grammarly blog. “Writing on paper feels more heartfelt than an email or text—perhaps because it is physical and can be displayed or stored forever.” Plus, a handwritten note can seem more heartfelt than a quick email or text.

Be specific about your gratitude as well. Konya suggests adding a “for” to any thank yous and referring explicitly to qualities or memories. Using examples like, “Thank you for …” or “I am grateful to you for…” are helpful starting points.

“Naming what you’re really grateful for is a powerful way to communicate to your friend, family member, or colleague what it is about them that is so special to you,” Konya writes.