Kitchen Pantries a Sought-After Amenity

Smiling daughter talking to father while standing by kitchen pantry.

©Maskot - Maskot / Getty Images

The kitchen pantry has become a craved amenity in more homes today. They may be worthy of your attention if staging the space in a home listing.

Larger, more functional pantries are a popular add-on in home remodels, according to the latest trends study released by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Sixty percent of designers and industry professionals said adding a “working pantry” has become one of the leading emerging kitchen ideas, the survey shows. The pantry has become a space not only for storing food but might also have working areas for small appliances, like coffee machines, as well as storage space for serving dishes, pots, and pans, reports on the trend. Microwaves are increasingly being placed in the pantry too.

Also, beyond just shelves in the pantry, homeowners are adding in roll-outs, specialty organizers, and deep drawers in upgrading their pantry spaces.

James Barry, CEO of seasonings brand Pluck and a private chef, told that he’d even suggest converting a kitchen utility closet to a food pantry. A walk-in food pantry would be even better, he says.

Barry also recommends having shallow shelves so you can see everything easily in the pantry. “I want everything to be visible,” he told “The deeper the shelf, the harder it is to see everything. If the shelf is wide and deep, a rack that elevates or tiers the pantry items is great.”

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