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Kitchen Pantries You'll Envy

Yes, even rows of canned or boxed foods can look pretty and organized. A home buyer will certainly take a peek inside a pantry, and even if it’s small, you can make it look impressive through organization and design. 

So how can you make sure the kitchen pantry adds to an overall property’s staging? Here are a few examples from remodeling website Houzz to glean inspiration for recreating the pantry space. 

Swap out wire shelving for wood shelving.

Group like-minded items.

For example, keep boxed items grouped together in one spot and canned foods in another. Heavy items, such as packages of bottled water, can be stored at the bottom of pantry shelves.

Bring in lots of containers.

For example, use glass or plastic containers to store dried foods like flour, sugar, and cereals. Add labels on the outside to dress up the containers.

Hide any food clutter in baskets.

Add a table to break up the shelving space.

Use these shelves to display a coffee machine or to store small appliances. But minimize how much you store on these inner pantry tables to help open up the space.

Show off the pantry’s height: Add a ladder.

Dress up the entrance to the pantry with a sliding door.

Add some wallpaper accents.

Look for ways to bring in extra storage when tight on space.

For example, the designer added extra shelving hung on the interior part of the door, and then painted the door blue to make it pop. 

Include a decorative lighting fixture.


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