Give clients a preview of the latest gizmos for the home featured at CES 2022.
A woman uses a smart tablet with various features for home convenience

© Alvaro Medina Jurado - Moment / Getty Images

You don’t need to attend the annual CES event in Las Vegas to get excited about advancements in home tech.

  1. Firewalla is a smart firewall that plugs into any router to enhance the security of home networks, including the many smart-home devices that most households now use. It blocks unwanted sites and ads and offers parental controls and a personal VPN. Price: Starting at $140; up to $468 for router and firewall combo.
  2. Roborock’s new S7 Max V Ultra is a smart vacuum with a mop. It uses sonic technology to scrub the floor up to 3,000 times per minute; the mop lifts when carpet is detected. LIDAR navigation creates detailed maps and can identify rooms across four levels. Price: $650
  3. The AI-capable Samsung Home Hub, like Amazon’s and Google’s hubs, includes a screen for seeing and connecting all smart appliances in a home. Price: TBD
  4. Coway’s Smart Care Air Mattress and Smart Sleep Solution detects the user’s sleep position and body pressure and adjusts accordingly. It can connect with air care products to produce the optimal humidity. Price and release date: TBD
  5. Wagz is a smart dog collar and wireless fence system with an app that includes GPS tracking. Users can train their dogs with sound and vibration (not shocks) and track a pet’s paths, whereabouts, and sleep cycle. Switch on an LED for nighttime walks. Price: $250
  6. Sengled’s health-monitoring smart lightbulb includes biometric tracking of a user’s heart rate, body temperature, and other vital signs. A Bluetooth mesh network can even help detect falls and send for help. Price: TBD
  7. One of the biggest trends at CES 2022 was the unveiling of new electric vehicles from GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Sony Mobility. Several companies showcased charging solutions. For example, the Wallbox Quasar bidirectional home charger allows homeowners to charge the vehicle and use the car battery to power the home or grid. Price: $4,000

Source: Brandon Doyle, ABR, ePRO, RE/MAX Results in the Twin Cities. See more at Doyle’s Ultimate Smart Home Series.