From the President: All Hands on Deck

Your expertise and experience make all the difference.
Candace-Marie Mitcham and Kenny Parcell
Idaho REALTOR® Candace-Marie Mitcham, left, and others join President Kenny Parcell, center, during a Riding with the Brand event in April.

A home sale is rarely as smooth as the open road. More often it’s a rocky, winding journey that requires detours, pit stops, and flexibility. Your expertise and experience make all the difference. Through this year’s Riding with the Brand tour, we’ve met thousands of you, our industry’s finest professionals who are committed to putting clients first. Yet, even as we celebrate our REALTOR® brand, we are in a legal battle against detractors who either don’t understand or don’t appreciate the value of REALTORS® and local broker marketplaces. The facts are on our side. We will prevail. But we need all hands on deck. At, you’ll find resources that spell out what we do, the economics of a home purchase, and the value of local broker marketplaces. Share these resources to give the public a true understanding of how REALTORS® pave the way. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for Riding with the Brand.