Cities That Benefitted Most From Pandemic Relocations

Two women loading boxes into moving truck.

©Maskot - Getty Images

Americans have been on the move since the pandemic, but many were relocating before that, too. So, where have they gone? Many Americans have moved to warmer weather climates: Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Jacksonville, Fla., are the metros that have had the largest share of homeowners move in recently, according to a new study from LendingTree.

On the other hand, metros like Los Angeles, San Jose, Calif., and Pittsburgh have seen the fewest number of homeowners move over the past few years.

LendingTree analyzed Census Bureau data of the 50 largest metro areas to pinpoint the largest share of homeowners who relocated in 2017 or later. Researchers also looked at how long homeowners have lived in their homes as well as local home price growth.

The metros with the largest share of recently moving homeowners have seen home prices appreciate faster than metros where owners are more likely to stay put longer.

Take a look at the study’s breakdown below to find how many homeowners have moved to—or from--your metro area.

Top 50 metros ranked by number of incoming homeowners making a move