Take a look at some of the tech goodies brokers can use from the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show to bring futuristic upgrades and efficiencies to the office.

Robots, drones, and truly compact data storage are just a few pieces of technology that will take your brokerage up a notch. At the 2017 International CES (#CES2017) — the tech world’s most important event of the year — companies showcased some 20,000 products. Many could one day outfit your real estate brokerage.

Here are a few themes that emerged from this year’s show:



Robots: Could the office robot be your future assistant? These robots can do everything — monitor your office, greet your customers, project listing materials, and more.

Voice assistance: Amazon’s Alexa, Alphabet’s Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri have ushered in an era of using your voice to take control over your electronics. Expect more technology to be voice-powered, which will ease the learning curve by allowing you to just speak your commands.

Mega data storage: Data storage is getting more compact, with tiny flash drives reaching capacities of 1 TB and 2 TB.

Upgraded screens: Wide, curved screens are enhancing the viewing experience on desktop monitors. New products are allowing you to transform your laptop screen into a touch screen with a simple plug-in overlay.

Wearables: This technology could lend a hand to safety for your brokerage. Watches or buttons can help monitor agents’ locations when they’re at showing appointments and send instant alerts whenever they sense danger.

Drones: The technology continues to get more sophisticated, portable, and easier to operate. You can now capture aerial photos and videos of your listing in 4K – even 8K – HD-quality video. Plus, with greater image stabilization features, you can eliminate those jittery movements from flight.

Germ-free tech: Manufacturers are also looking at how to keep your office more sanitized. Here’s a sobering stat: The cellphone is 18 times more dirty than a public restroom toilet handle. While there’s no app for keeping your cellphone clean (at least yet), there are products debuting that can help wipe the germs away.

Take a look at the video to learn more behind the technology debuts.


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