Under the Sells-Scope: Search Alliance

A new real estate tech company intersects crowdsourcing with lead generation. Learn whether this web platform is right for your brokerage.

You want leads for your agents. You also need a quality website to showcase the real estate listings in your area. To top it off, you wish your company’s Facebook business page stood out and appealed to home buyers and sellers.

Most brokerage owners know of tech vendors that can meet those separate needs — and many use them, but they usually come at a fairly hefty cost.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop paying thousands of dollars for lead generation sites that lock you in for months at a time with lackluster results, then you might want to check out Search Alliance. This is a new lead-generating network built by its members located across the nation. Agents and brokers get leads right from other Search Alliance subscribers’ websites. Members set their own price for network traffic and pay only when a unique visitor is delivered to their website.

I set out to discover if Search Alliance lives up to their claims of producing high-quality leads. In the video below, I examine both the perks and drawbacks of Search Alliance and share my wish list of improvements for this burgeoning network.



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