Simple gestures showing agents’ families you care can go a long way toward building a strong office culture.

A career in real estate can be difficult without a supportive family. Spouses and children must have a lot of patience when you work long days and nights and attend to unexpected showings.

That’s why at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Go Realty, we show our appreciation to our agents’ families. Each year, our office leaders send a “thank you” gift to agents’ spouses or significant others. This year, we gave them a $10 gift card to a local restaurant with a handwritten note of appreciation. What we’ve found is it’s the thought that counts more than the amount you spend, and a little love goes a long way.

Also, whenever possible, we invite spouses to our company events. Holiday parties and office happy hours are more fun when we can all kick back and enjoy a celebration together. Children are also welcome in our offices, and we’ve provided kid-friendly spaces for our young visitors. Knock-knock jokes? We got ‘em. Disney Channel on Pandora? We play it. An unhealthy dose of candy when mom isn’t looking? Guilty!

The reality is agents don’t want their kids at the office with them, (“Mom, mom, mommy, mom, mom, mom.”) and the kids don’t want to be there either. (“Can I play a game on your phone? Can I go to my friend’s house? When are we leaving?”) But we know that life happens, plans change, and sometimes the kids must join in on all the fun that real estate offers.

I don’t mind stopping what I’m doing for 10 minutes to keep a child entertained while their mom or dad makes a few phone calls or meets with clients. It’s part of our office culture to help one another out in a variety of ways. I’ll invite the kids into my office so they can play a game while their parents work. Plus, when they’re hanging out with the boss, they are extra good for mom or dad. And parents (who are also your agents) never forget the people who are extra kind to their children.

Your office culture should extend to everyone you come in contact with, including agents’ families. As brokers, it’s worth it to reach out to the folks behind the scenes—the ones who play the most important roles in your agents’ lives. This is a simple yet highly effective way to build stronger relationships with your agents, encourage brand loyalty, and help with retention.


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