These six tips will keep your contacts engaged with your email marketing campaigns.

Email is still an effective marketing tool for reaching prospects and staying in touch with past clients. But the trick is remaining relevant to your contacts. That’s why you have to get personal.

According to Emma, an e-marketing platform, personalization wins when competing for clicks in your clients’ inboxes. So if you’re relying on an automated email campaign to drive business, you still need to tailor your messaging and content to serve up something that’s meaningful to the individual recipients.

1. Welcome Your New Prospects and Clients

Automated email campaigns aren’t about replacing the human touch, but providing useful content and information to customers when they need it. According to Emma, welcome emails are 86 percent more effective than simply adding your new contacts to your current email drip campaign. Make sure every new contact receives a warm welcome and appreciation for their interest.

2. It’s All About Nurturing

Show your potential clients that you’re thinking of them by sending helpful content about the buying or selling process. This could include how to save money, information on credit scores, what to expect when buying in your market, regular market updates, tips for preparing a home for sale, sales price and days on market stats, neighborhood information, and other info. Time your nurture emails to coincide with where that individual is in his or her path toward buying or selling.

3. Be Celebratory

Who doesn’t appreciate recognition? Take advantage of your CRM and schedule emails to go out celebrating each client’s purchase anniversary or birthday. Include a special note and well wishes for the year ahead. Been out of touch with your sphere? Send a friendly hello. According to Emma, 45 percent of “get back in touch” recipients will then open subsequent messages.

4. Mobile First, Always

With 53 percent of email being read on mobile devices, you want to make sure your emails are rendering well on small screens. Running a mobile-friendly email campaign is a no-brainer today, so make sure your email platform is on board. If your messages are difficult to read on a phone, you’re going to lose a big chunk of your audience.

5. Track Performance; Tailor as Needed

Monitor your analytics to see what your readers are clicking on. This will help you make informed choices about content, graphics, images, and even your subject line going forward. Also, it’s best to follow a targeted email strategy. Emma recommends segmenting your email list based on CRM and demographic data. Your new first-time buyers are not all interested in the same content as your long-time clients who are looking to downsize or buy a second home. Filter your contacts based on whether they’re looking to buy or sell, how far along they are in the process, and other key information.

6. Don’t Be a Spammer

Flooding your contacts’ inboxes is a giant no-no. But everyone has a different definition of what constitutes too much contact. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to choose between weekly, monthly, or occasional emails from your company.

Glean more email tips from the infographic below contributed by Emma.




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