New Trends Require Focused Agent Training

2019 broker issues in review: What you, our readers, buzzed about the most this year.
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New trends in home styles and technology, as well as selling challenges, meant real estate brokers and managers spent the year learning how to train their agents to keep them ahead of the competitive curve. These topics were among our most popular Broker to Broker articles in 2019, offering you the knowledge you need to keep your office informed of the latest trends.

Stress-free home

Stress-Free Homes Are a Trending Niche
The takeaway:
Today, developers, builders, and interior designers are trying to make homes that offer that soft landing at the end of a day. And homeowners need it—about eight in 10 Americans say they frequently (44 percent) or sometimes (35 percent) encounter stress in their daily lives, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Ed Stulak

Use Instagram to Build a Community, Generate Leads
The takeaway:
Cast fears aside about your ability to cultivate an audience on social media and start creating valuable content that will help you build an online community and make followers want to come back for more. The problem is many real estate professionals need to learn appropriate ways to use social platforms for effective communication to clients.


Reasons Your Listing Is Still for Sale
The takeaway:
Even during slow sales months when foot traffic in the real estate market is low, your listed properties should still be getting attention from the right potential buyers. If several of your company’s listings are sitting idle, it might be time to reconsider some sales strategies. Share with agents these reasons a property might be taking longer than expected to sell.

Franchise Report

2019 Residential Franchise Report
The takeaway:
We ask these real estate franchise companies operating in the U.S. to describe their business models and practices to help broker-owners and agents who are considering their affiliation options. Among other items in this package, learn how brand affiliations can help real estate pros feel at home.


Not Your Average Drip Campaign
The takeaway:
Any drip campaign needs long-term nurturing. If you don’t personalize your correspondence or keep up with the people in your campaign, then it’s just sending content to random people. They won’t care—and they won’t think you care, either. Also, drip marketing depends on the capabilities of your customer relationship management software.