Using lead magnets, which offer potential clients something of value, will help your company attract more buyers and sellers. This infographic offers a few ideas.

There it was. I wanted to keep walking, but my eyes zeroed in on it like a bull’s eye: The Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop. As I approached, I was drawn in by the pleasant query, “Miss, would you like some free samples?” The samples were, indeed, scrumptious, so I started to explore the store. Before long, I spent a Jackson and signed up for their e-newsletter. Twenty dollars in an ice cream and chocolate shop in less than 5 minutes—someone call Guinness.

That store realized a foundational rule of business that is vital in real estate, too: lead magnets. With a lead magnet, we attract would-be clients by offering a relevant item of value that entices them to give their contact information, welcome follow-up, and eventually become a client. Providing a distinctive, relevant item, tool, or information of value is more powerful than simply saying:

“I have been doing this a long time. I should be your real estate agent/broker.”
“I live in your neighborhood. I should be your real estate agent/broker.”
“I am your friend/relative. I should be your real estate agent/broker.”

Conversely, with an item of value, we move from “I’m so great; work with me” to “Here are some resources you will find useful, and I will happily share as our relationship continues and grows.” Do you see the difference?

If you’re a broker who’s ready to start attracting more would-be sellers or buyers to your business based on information of value, here are some ideas in my infographic below that will help build your lead magnet arsenal.




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