A St. Louis-based brokerage is taking a novel approach with its new office by including a wine and cappuccino bar as well as areas for important collaborations.
RedKey Realty Leaders' new office

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As our agents return to the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we want them to come back to a safe and engaging space where they not only feel comfortable but are also inspired to pursue newfound goals and grow with our company. Strategically, we relocated our West County office in Chesterfield, Mo., to create a different type of environment—one that’s needed at this moment in time.

With so much going on in our world about social injustice and behavioral health, I want to create a safe space that welcomes powerful discussions and collaborations between our agents. We retrofitted a space offering new amenities that will help support our current agents and attract top-tier real estate professionals in the area.

The new office is equipped with ample room for meetings and conferences. It’s the site of a former restaurant, complete with outdoor lounging, small huddle rooms, a lounge with a stone fireplace, and other areas for safe socializing—including a cappuccino and wine bar, and a bistro for agents and staff to enjoy.

Last year, we also opened a new training and media facility to offer classes, support, and opportunities to current and aspiring agents. This falls in line with our company’s commitment to support the industry as a whole and be both high-tech and high-touch. The RedKey Media and Training Center offers courses to aspiring real estate pros and space for current agents to enhance their marketing efforts.

The new office, much like the media training center, is a way to prioritize agent education and makes resources and knowledge more accessible to all real estate pros in our market. Along with the office move, our company is implementing operational changes to help current and prospective agents. We’re launching a diversity and inclusion initiative and taking a closer look at current hiring processes to enact positive changes in RedKey’s leadership department. To ensure the new office is a space to spark important dialogue, I am committed to educating agents on issues surrounding fair housing and encouraging them to take actionable steps and make an impact in the community, advocating for change and building awareness around the blaring social inequities that plague our society.

We had a ribbon cutting on July 15 and we’re now proudly welcoming agents into the new space. We’re excited for what’s to come.

RedKey Realty Leaders' ribbon cutting

©RedKey Realty Leaders

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