Brokers Can Now Access Agent Data Through M1 Database

New Insights Hub provides information on your agents’ training, education and association involvement.

In the REALTORS® M1 database, brokers now have access to pertinent association-related data—credentials, education, volunteerism and more—on the agents in their office.

M1’s Insights Hub, which was once reserved for association leadership, has been reconfigured to include a dashboard for brokers. The announcement came from Laura Vinci, director of association technology services at the National Association of REALTORS®, at a meeting of the Broker Engagement Committee on Monday during the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C. Vinci said the data can help brokers assess where improvement can be made in their office in areas such as training, education and certifications.

George Zoto, NAR’s director of data science, noted that when a broker logs into M1 to access the Insights Hub, the various dashboards are automatically customized for their office. If a broker has more than one office, a dropdown menu enables them to switch between offices to gather agent data from each. Most importantly, Zoto said, the data is fully private and belongs to the brokers.

The dashboards provide data on agents, including:

  • Code of Ethics training status by cycle
  • Designations and certifications achieved through NAR
  • Endorsements earned through NAR
  • Involvement in NAR committees
A slide from a slide show that depicts data and insights
An example of member data provided through the new Insights Hub feature, available to brokers through the M1

Zoto also noted that the association is looking for feedback from brokers on what other dashboards and data they’d like to see implemented. Brokers can then take the dashboard data and export, email or share it as needed. “Brokers are the owners of the data. NAR provides the insights,” Zoto said.

There are two ways to access these dashboards: log into M1 or visit