4 Questions to Help Agents Break Out

Want to encourage your sales associates to free themselves from the status quo? Here’s how to move them from good to great.

At some point, goodjust isn’t good enough. Real estate brokers who accept the status quo from agents cheat themselves and their teams out of reaching their full potential. When agents take a passive approach (such as relying on social media or e-mail to contact potential buyers) they are not challenged and they sell less. This is professionally unsatisfying and unproductive, too — a combination that doesn’t lead to a lively, cutting-edge work environment.

Think about this familiar scenario: An agent’s prospect won’t return calls. After a few unrequited Facebook messages, e-mails, and texts, the lead goes cold. This practice is so commonplace that agents might be blinded to other options. What keeps them from just knocking on their prospect’s door, for example? The answer is simple: an unspoken rule that says they may be intruding or that it isn’t safe to do so.

Brokers who lead real estate professionals to let go of such unspoken rules defy the status quo, which will unleash true sales performance.

Consider the rules that keep agents from prospecting and following up. Agents are supposed to guide prospects to homes that accomplish the buyers’ mission to improve their lives. What keeps them from knocking on a door when it may be the very thing that helps a customer toward the solution they seek?

Believing the excuses is a trap. Take the common “I’m intruding on them” feeling, for example. Agents who break from this rule know they are offering customers the solution they seek. Agents can always find an excuse or they can always find a way. The choice is in their hands, and the results will follow from that choice.

In a training process called “The Work,” Byron Katie shares four questions that identify and challenge limiting beliefs. Help agents unleash their earning potential by applying these queries to each “rule” that hinders them:

  1. Is it true? Are agents really intruding on prospects? Maybe yes, maybe no.
  2. Is it 100 percent true all the time? No, we don’t know that a home visit is always an intrusion.
  3. How do I feel when I believe this to be true? I feel weak, cynical, and afraid when I feel I’m intruding on prospects. I draw back and wait for the client to come to me instead of reaching out and leading.
  4. Who would I be without this thought? I would be a gladiator. I would be unleashed — unhindered by imaginary rules that limit my thinking and limit my sales performance.

After applying the four questions, turn the rule on its head: I am not intruding on this person. Dig in a little. How do you know? The potential client is on the fence and torn with ambiguity. They’ll benefit from knowing the value of their house. They want me to knock on their door so they can make a decision and have more certainty.

Every customer is seeking resolution. By leading them to make a decision, agents are actually helping them find freedom. That truth is the ultimate turnaround for your agents. Lead them to bust free from the rules by applying Katie’s four questions and turning around each limiting thought — unleashing an earning potential that plows past good enough.