These three things can help agents avoid missing steps when working with clients.
Business people having a meeting in office

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Rogers Healy says he’s old-school— at least in the way he operates his real estate company. Healy, the broker-owner of Rogers Healy & Associates Real Estate, based in Dallas, says there should be no room in your brokerage either for laziness or carelessness. To help agents avoid missing steps when working with clients, Healy sets standards. Here are three he believes are most important:

  1. Work at the office. Healy has created a culture where being present in person is valued. He says it helps builds camaraderie and trust and allows agents more opportunities to ask for help.
  2. Proactive agent check ins. With a 15-to-1 agent-to-staff member ratio, Healy says staff members have a standard of connecting with agents regularly, helping agents to build the processes and systems they need to manage their real estate business. The company’s agent success team hosts webinars and training videos. Agents have training opportunities twice a week, readily available 24/7. The marketing department also creates personalized marketing graphics for brand consistency.
  3. Social media guidelines. Healy’s company provides agents with tips, tools, and brand guidelines to ensure their social media presence is active and engaging and follows Rogers Healy & Associates’ brand standards. The company creates simple templates that allow agents to create their own graphics for their accounts.