Brokers embraced the team structure even more this year, with some adopting a new business model to share responsibility with team leaders.

Brokers and team leaders this year had their eye on smart expansion. The “teamerage”—a business model that combines the brokerage and real estate team concepts—became a trending topic, along with team management and risk as well as agent training and retention.

The top articles for brokers at REALTOR® Magazine Online for 2022 are:

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1. 5 Tips & Scripts for Your Agents

We asked brokers and sales coaches for their take on how to handle these common questions in real estate.

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2. Who’s Legally Responsible for Real Estate Teams?

Brokers have to answer for how teams at their company operate. Know how to set up teams in a way that avoids potential legal problems.

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3. Old School Etiquette for a New World: General Best Practices

One topic keeps coming up in brokers circles: professionalism. The world is changing and so is the field, but good etiquette leads straight to professionalism. Share these tips with your agents.

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4. Big or Small: What it Takes to Run a Successful Brokerage

Running a brokerage is a goal for many real estate professionals. Whether it’s a big brokerage with thousands of agents or a boutique firm, it takes time, patience and perseverance to operate one successfully.


5. ‘Teamerage’ Model Could Solve Small Brokers’ Growing Pains

Combining the best assets of the brokerage and real estate team concepts can help provide agents what they need while taking pressure off the broker.