This sample letter can be used as an e-mail correspondence template if you need to to notify a member of their improper use of the marks a on a social media website.

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Improper Use of the MARKS by a Member on a Social Media Website

(We suggest using this sample letter as an email correspondence)

(Member's email address)

RE: Incorrect Use of the Term REALTOR® (REALTORS®; REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®; the REALTOR® Logo)

The username _______________ recently came to my attention and I want to make sure you aware of these rules so that you can make the needed change to the username.

As a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, you are licensed to use the REALTOR® marks to identify yourself as a Member, including in marketing tools such as FACEBOOK® or TWITTER®. But all use of these Marks must be in accordance with the policies and guidelines governing the use of REALTOR® marks adopted by the National Association.

The policies are not complicated; they simply indicate that if the REALTOR® Marks are going to identify a person as a member, they need to be used with the person’s name. This is the principle applied to use in social media usernames. Thus, names such as insert member’s name REALTOR® or REALTOR® insert member’s name, are correct user names. Those that use REALTOR® marks with the name of a location or a descriptive word or phrases are incorrect. Please take the time to review the rules. Here is a link to the ON YOUR MARKS brochure, the Member’s guide to proper use of REALTOR®. Additional information is also located at the Logos & Trademark Rules section.

Your cooperation with this request will allow the Association to continue its efforts to promote the distinction and importance of being a REALTOR®.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

(Signature of Officer)