Salvation Army Ring Days

As the holiday season approaches, many associations will be participating in Salvation Army Ring Days. This is a great way for REALTORS® across the nation come together in support of a cause near and dear to their hearts: housing. Following are trademark best practices and information on how to get your association involved.

If any association wants to use the REALTOR® Marks in a program name, the association's name must always appear in close connection with the name. Under this rule, the following two options are acceptable:

Option 1 is to use "a program of the Local/State Association of REALTORS®." For example: REALTOR® RING DAY, a program of the State Association of REALTORS® . The language "a program of the State Association of REALTORS®" must appear each time "REALTOR® Ring Day" is used, including within domain names, email addresses, and text. Associations may use terms other than "program."

Option 2 is to incorporate the association's name into the program name. For example: Chicago Association of REALTORS® Ring Day. REALTORS® may be used in this program name as long as the association name is fully incorporated.

Please remember: descriptive language, including state names, may not be used with the REALTOR® Marks. An exception to this rule is if NAR approved the shortened DBA name for an association, such as "Florida REALTORS®". In this case, "Florida REALTORS® Ring Day" is acceptable.

Ring Days donations enable The Salvation Army to provide food, toys and clothing to over 6 million people during the Christmas season and helps more than 34 million Americans recovering from all kinds of personal disasters nationwide. For more information on how your association can get involved, contact your local Salvation Army branch through



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