Section 3: Multiple Listing Service Reciprocal Agreements Between Association Contract Service for Multiple Listing Service, or Other Association Agreements Concerning the Association Multiple Listing Service (Policy Statement 7.19)

If an agreement is in effect or being considered between associations of REALTORS® or between MLSs for establishment of an MLS cooperative venture of any type, the agreement should be in writing including, but not limited to, the following items:

  1. purpose of the agreement
  2. geographic territory to be served
  3. rights and responsibilities of each association and its members
  4. form of governing body
  5. method of appointment or election of such governing body
  6. responsibilities and accountability of the governing body to the respective associations party to the agreement
  7. roles and responsibilities of each association for enforcement of the Code of Ethics and for dispute resolution between MLS participants
  8. intent of the multiple listing service(s) to operate in compliance with the multiple listing policies of the National Association
  9. terms and procedures for resolving controversies between associations or between the association and the MLS. The agreement should also specify the terms under which the agreement may be terminated
  10. rights and responsibilities of recipients of data related to relicensing of data (Amended 11/04) M