No multiple listing service need use lock boxes and no listing broker need use a lock box on a property, but if the multiple listing service does offer the lock boxes, it must make them available to anyone who participates in the multiple listing service, whether an association member or not. Nothing shall prevent the owner’s right to refuse to have a lock box on his property.

A lock box is a container affixed to property containing a device to gain access to the property being marketed by a participant in the MLS. Participants in the MLS or their salespersons (and licensed or certified appraisers affiliated with the participants) are authorized under certain conditions to open these lock boxes under terms specified by the listing broker. Cooperating brokers and sales licensees, whether functioning as subagents of the listing broker or as agents of potential purchasers, must contact the listing broker to disclose their agency status and to arrange appointments to show listed property even if the property has a lock box affixed to it unless the listing broker has given specific permission (through information published in the MLS or otherwise) to show the property without first contacting the listing broker.

If an association or its multiple listing service elects to engage in the sale, rental, or distribution of lock boxes to its members or be involved in any way with the sponsorship or endorsement of a common lock box system, the lock box security requirements as established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® shall be the minimum security measures adopted and implemented in connection with such lock box system. Eligibility for coverage under the National Association’s blanket errors and omissions insurance program is contingent on compliance with the lock box security requirements whether the system is operated by the association, its MLS, or on behalf of an association by a recognized lock box vendor. (Amended 11/90) M