The names of association owned or operated multiple listing services (including multi-association and regional multiples) should rationally relate to the area served. Challenges by other associations to the appropriateness of any name utilized shall be considered and determined by the board of directors of the state association if attempts to resolve the conflict locally fail. Documentation of the attempt to resolve the conflict shall be forwarded to the state association. Challenges to the names of multiple listing services with multi-state jurisdictions shall be resolved by the National Association. The chairperson of the multiple listing policy committee shall appoint a panel of committee members to hear the challenge, and forward its recommendations to the National Association’s Board of Directors for final disposition. Challenges to pre-existing names must be filed within one (1) year following the January 1, 1993 effective date. Existing in-state multiple listing services shall be grandfathered as to their names. Each state association shall have the right to override the grandfather provision by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its board of directors. (Amended 4/92) I