Operational Issues, Section 3: MLS Indoctrination Requirements Relating to Individuals Entitled to Participation Without Association Membership (Policy Statement 7.38)

In processing the application of an individual entitled by law to MLS participation without REALTOR® membership, the listing information and services shall be promptly provided upon completion of the following:

  1. confirmation applicant has a valid, current, real estate license or certificate
  2. applicant’s written application and agreement to abide by the MLS rules and regulations
  3. applicant’s completion of any required MLS orientation on MLS bylaws, MLS rules and regulations, other MLS related policies or procedures, and computer training related to MLS information entry and retrieval within a reasonable time not to exceed thirty (30) days, and
  4. payment of all required initial MLS fees or charges

If any examination on the MLS orientation is given, it shall be an open-book, no-pass, no-fail examination for programmed learning purposes only. (Amended 11/04) M