Multiple listing services may, as a matter or local discretion, require applicants for MLS participation and licensees (including licensed or certified appraisers) affiliated with an MLS participant who have access to and use of MLS-generated information to complete an orientation program of no more than eight (8) classroom hours devoted to the MLS rules and regulations, computer training related to MLS information entry and retrieval, and the operation of the MLS within thirty (30) days after access has been provided. Participants and subscribers may also be required, at the discretion of the MLS, to complete additional training of not more than four (4) classroom hours in any (12) twelve month period when deemed necessary by the MLS to familiarize participants and subscribers with system changes or enhancements and/or changes to MLS rules or policies. Participants and subscribers must be given the opportunity to complete any mandated orientation and additional training remotely. (Amended 11/17) M