Model Lock Box Authorization Addendum*

The undersigned (seller) having entered into a listing agreement with ____________________ (broker)

dated _________________ pertaining to the sale of _________________________________ (premises)

hereby authorizes broker to use a lock box.

Seller acknowledges:

  1. A lock box is designated as a repository of a key to the above premises, permitting access to the interior of the premises by participants of the multiple listing service (MLS), and their authorized licensees.
  2. Broker advises and requests seller safeguarding or removal of valuables now located within said premises.
  3. It is not a requirement of MLS or broker that a seller allow use of a lock box.
  4. Where a tenant/lessee occupies the property, the tenant’s/lessee’s consent is required.

Seller further acknowledges that neither the listing broker, any subagent of the listing broker, or any other cooperating broker, the association of REALTORS®, or the MLS is an insurer against the loss of sellers’ personal property; seller is advised to verify the existence of, or obtain personal property insurance through sellers’ insurance agent.

Receipt of a copy is hereby acknowledged:

Date : _________________ Date: ____________________


Seller: ________________ Broker: ___________________
Name (Type/Print)              Name (Type/Print)

By: __________________ By: _______________________
Signature Signature

Seller: ___________________________________
Name (Type/Print)

By: _____________________________________

Tenant: The tenant and broker have discussed the safeguarding and insuring during the listing period, of personal property and valuables located within said premises. The undersigned approves the above provisions and authorizes placement of a lock box on the premises.

Receipt of a copy is hereby acknowledged:

Date: _______ Tenant: ______________________
                             Name (Type/Print) Signature

*Adoption and use of this specific form is at the option of the association of REALTORS®. Association legal counsel should be consulted before this or any other form is provided by the association to association members.