Advertising (Print and Electronic), Section 4: Electronic Display of Other Participants' Listings (Policy Statement 7.98)

MLSs may, but are not required to, give participants the ability to authorize electronic display of their listings by other participants outside the context of the Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”) policy and rules and the Virtual OfficeWebsite (“VOW”) policy and rules.

Participants may not be required to consent to display or distribution of their listings through non-IDX and non-VOW channels as a condition of participation in IDX, except as otherwise provided for in the DX rules. Electronic display and distribution pursuant to this policy contemplates, but is not limited to, Short Message Services (“SMS”)/texting technologies, and interactive “social media.” All electronic displays and/or distribution of other participants’ listings conducted pursuant to this policy must comply with state law and regulations and applicable rules. (Amended 5/17)

Displays addressed by this policy may be subject to technological limitations on disabling/discontinuing third-party comments/reviews, disabling/discontinuing automated displays of market value, “refreshing” displays on a periodic basis, and possibly other issues which should be taken into consideration when developing rules and policies governing such displays. (Adopted 11/12) M