Survey Says! CIPS designees: more money, diverse, and engaged

We didn’t quite conduct the survey Family-Feud style – although that might make for a fun Advisory Board idea next year! – but the results of the 2017 CIPS Designee survey are in! Special thanks to those who filled out the survey, particularly our winner of the $200 Visa gift card, Michelle Rawls in Southlake, Texas.

The objective of the survey was to create a demographic and business profile of CIPS designees, and uncover changes from the 2015 profile in order to better address member needs, and improve business tools offered.

So what did we learn, and what’s next for CIPS?

We have 3,650 designees in 45 countries

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The majority of designees (81%) reside in the United States.

This number is down 5% from 2015 – which is a good thing! It shows that we are becoming increasingly diverse and spreading the CIPS love!

The number of Canadian designees has quadrupled since 2015.
Shout out to our neighbors to the north! Our Canadian partners actively promote the CIPS designation and have hosted multiple institutes over the past 2 years to boost training for their agents. Huge kudos and thanks!

The average designee has been active for 3 years.
This makes sense, since we have had record years of new designees for the past few years. Make new friends but keep the old – we are thrilled to welcome our new members and appreciate the experience and tenure of our longstanding designees!

Languages spoken


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The typical designee earned $28,750 from global transactions last year. This is a solid increase from the 2015 survey ($23,583, and falls in line with the median 25% of their real estate business that CIPS designees report as global.

Designees reported a median income of $107,500.

This is significantly higher than the median gross income of the average REALTOR®, which is $42,500 (according to the 2017 NAR Member Profile). The substantial difference makes sense, since we know from the Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate that foreign buyers are spending more money than ever before on U.S. properties, and typically spend more per property than the average domestic buyer.



74% use Facebook weekly or more often


31% use Twitter weekly or more often


51% use LinkedIn weekly or more often


23% are AREAA members


64% belong to a Global Council or Committee



Top benefits word cloud BLOG






The top three things that designees get out of the designation are networking, recognition, and education. Prestige, knowledge and referrals were also mentioned multiple times.

Benefits that members are most likely to use: 

CIPS logo and brand
Global Perspectives newsletter
Featured profile in CIPS Directory
CIPS-only Facebook group

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We'll have a busy year in 2018 as we strive to make the CIPS designation top value for our members. Have an idea? Let us know in the comments!