President's Liaison Program

Announcement: We are currently reevaluating certain components of the President’s Liaison (PL) program. There may potentially be changes to the current application process. As such, we are holding off on accepting or approving applications for the 2019 PL appointments for the time being. We appreciate your interest.

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President's Liaisons are U.S.-based NAR members, appointed by the NAR President to serve as his or her liaison to real estate professionals in their assigned country. Appointees are generally CIPS designees and, ideally, have some knowledge of the country's culture and language. Appointments are made each year prior to NAR's Annual Convention and run concurrent to the NAR presidential term. The following outlines the responsibilities of the position. For a current list of President's Liaisons visit NAR's Global Alliances Network. CIPS Designees interested in being considered for future appointments should contact NAR Global for information regarding current opportunities.

The National Association of REALTORS® International President's Liaisons are appointed to each country annually by the NAR President. President's Liaisons serve at the discretion of the President for a term of one year, and may be re-appointed. President's Liaisons work to help maintain NAR's important relationships with foreign real estate associations.

NAR Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are also appointed annually by the NAR President. There are five regions: 1) North America, Central America and the Caribbean; 2) South America; 3) Asia/Pacific; 4) Western Europe; and 5) Central/Eastern Europe. Each President's Liaisons serves one of those regions, and Regional Coordinators oversee all President's Liaisons and Ambassador Associations. President's Liaisons can expect to meet with their Regional Coordinators at NAR meetings and should contact them with specific issues throughout the year.

NAR Ambassador Associations

The Ambassador Association program is loosely based on the international Sister-City programs: NAR appoints "partner" state and local REALTOR® associations to each of the foreign cooperating associations. The Ambassador Association works closely with President's Liaison assigned to that country and NAR's Regional Coordinator for that part of the world. The program also gives members of the Ambassador Association the opportunity to expand their global business networks and get involved in international real estate activities at the local or state level.

President's Liaisons Travel Information

President's Liaisons planning a trip abroad on behalf of the National Association of Realtors® International Operations Committee should review the Travel Grants Policy. In order to obtain a travel grant, in the form of a reimbursement, President's Liaisons should complete the following two reports: the Travel Grant Request (PDF: 601.2 KB) or (DOC: 1.6 MB) prior to the trip and the Travel Report Form (PDF: 507.7 KB) or (DOC: 1.5 MB) after the trip. 

Please note: President's Liaisons may not use international travel grants for reimbursement for travel to the NAR Midyear Meetings or Annual Convention.

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