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The task of starting your own marketing campaign can be daunting — especially on a global scale. One way to increase your cross-border business and build your global presence is to improve consumer awareness that you are a global expert. The next step is building a marketing campaign around the idea of increasing this awareness.

Define Your Audience
First, you must zero in on your audience. Decide whether you are targeting buyers or sellers and whether or not they are located in the U.S. or abroad. Next, build your list of consumers. This can include past clients, friends and family, people located in areas of your market with a high amount of foreign buyers, etc. Keep your eyes open for global indicators or business in your area and build your list around them. When forming the foundation for your campaign be careful that you are not breaking any laws. Click here and read our post on how to lawfully target foreign buyers.

Build Your Message
After you define your audience and build your list, decide whether you are going to carry out your campaign online or with print materials. Whichever you choose, make sure your message is clear and pertains to the interests of that audience. What benefit will it serve the potential client if they use the service of a global expert?

Take this message to the next step by choosing a design that relates directly to the content. Help readers make the connection. Showcase any global education, knowledge or designations you have earned. Prove to customers that you have specialized knowledge worthy of their confidence and business.

Track & Ship
It’s also important to track the effectiveness of any campaign. Some ideas for this include looking at web traffic, creating a campaign specific promotion or by asking new clients to complete a survey asking how they heard about you. An easy way to track web traffic is to create a URL solely for each campaign. Then, look at the traffic for this URL to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. Keep in mind that even without traffic, you never know who will see your ad or postcard and mentally bookmark it for later.

Finally, if you have chosen to mail postcards or any other print piece you will want to find a reputable printer. Having a relationship with a quality printer can save you time, money and stress. Many printers will offer turnkey print-and-ship solutions as well, which will also help you maximize your time. Finding and maintaining this relationship is priceless, and can make all the difference in your campaign.

Even the best marketing plan is no good without action. It may take time to put together the marketing plan, but having a solid plan to execute is critical. Following through on all steps and earning the trust of prospective clients for future sales is just important as closing today’s sale.

Luckily, CIPS designees have access to the Global Marketing Center ¾ an online platform where designees can access CIPS branded postcards, flyers, brochures and more. We have done the legwork for you by creating the content and design, now all you need to do is customize your information, then upload your head shot and mailing list. Next, our printers will mail out your marketing campaign for you, saving you a trip to the post office. The Global Marketing Center enables you to carry out your next campaign in 10 minutes or less!

Existing CIPS designees can visit and log in using their Member ID number for both the username and password. Not a CIPS designee? Start earning your designation today. Click here to learn more.