Why Should You Upgrade Your Browser?

Did you know that the web browser you use affects the way you interact with sites like nar.realtor?

Here are the three best reasons to run the newest version of your browser:

  1. Security

    Newer browsers have better security features and support newer security protocols. That means that newer browser versions will better protect you from vulnerabilities and viruses, even if you have an anti-virus program. Additionally, as browser manufacturers like Microsoft, Google, and Apple update their browsers, they phase out support for older versions, which means that older versions will be susceptible to new vulnerabilities.
  2. Better functionality

    Web teams – like ours at the National Association of REALTORS® – design web sites to be viewed with modern browsers. We’ve built nar.realtor to work with a vast array of browsers and versions, but you'll have the best experience using a modern, updated browser.
  3. It’s free

    If you’re using a common browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera, upgrading to the newest version is free.

How to Update 

Here are manufacturer instructions on how to make sure your browser is up to date: