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Through its philanthropic partnership with Food Recovery Network, NAR has provided roughly 5,000 pounds of food from its events to hunger-fighting groups across the U.S. since 2019.

NAR's Work With the Food Recovery Network

For more than a decade, Food Recovery Network (FRN) has united universities, food and dining services, and private sector entities, like NAR, in the fight against hunger, recovering excess food from meetings and events and donating those meals to local hunger-fighting nonprofit groups. FRN has donated more than 4.4 million meals to those experiencing hunger in the US since being founded in 2011 on the University of Maryland's College Park campus.

  • In the fall of 2022, FRN welcomed 10 new student-led chapters into its network, including 3 in FRN's 10 target states with the highest rates of food insecurity and the greatest amount of food waste.
  • The amount of food recovered from the organization's student chapters is significantly higher than just one year ago (a 341% increase).

REALTORS® have a reputation for being active in their communities—for volunteering, donating to charities, or finding other meaningful ways to give back. NAR members, in fact, volunteer at three times the rate of the average American (67% to 23%). NAR's partnership with FRN is one of the best illustrations of that philanthropic spirit, with the nation's largest trade association having provided roughly 5,000 pounds of food from its events to hunger-fighting groups across the U.S. since 2019.

Recognizing the intrinsic link between shelter and food security, NAR released a report in the summer of 2021 highlighting some key statistics on the connection between affordable housing and hunger.

All donations to FRN directly support the organization's ability to enhance and increase food recovery efforts that ultimately provide meals nationwide to people experiencing hunger.

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The Food Donation Improvement Act (FDIA)

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NAR joins FRN in recognizing passage of the Food Donation Improvement Act (FDIA), which strengthens liability protection to encourage more businesses, farmers, and restaurants to donate their surplus food rather than toss it. FDIA was signed into law in February 2023.

FRN believes this legislation is a major stride toward ending food insecurity, fighting food waste, and building a better food system for all.

Food recovery happens when groups are intentional about helping those in need and take the steps needed to make that happen. Any group that hosts large events can implement a food recovery plan—no matter where they’re located—with FRN’s help and support. Finally, we’re thrilled that FRN’s work to fight hunger during 2023 Super Bowl week in Arizona is being noticed.

Kudos to FRN, and we look forward to continuing our long, successful partnership with them!

2022 NAR Food Recovery Verified Report

Bob Goldberg & Food Recovery Network

In 2022, the National Association of REALTORS® continued a food recovery partnership with the Food Recovery Network to ensure that surplus food from their events would be donated throughout the year. In total, Food Recovery Network provided this support for 25 food recoveries which took place during 12 annual NAR events and 3 member association events, resulting in the donation of 3,019 pounds of surplus food, equivalent to 2,516 meals, to local hunger-fighting nonprofit organizations in 12 different cities across the country.

The NAR and FRN partnership is one we can be extremely proud of. The impact to so many families is tremendous. We look forward to seeing the continued success in 2023.

Statistics & Figures

NAR's affordable housing and food insecurity report, released August 24, 2021, found that eight million U.S. households lacked enough food from June 23 to July 5, 2021.
One in five renter households were receiving food stamps, while nearly one in 20 homeowner households were.
About 40% of homeowner households had difficulty paying for expenses like food, mortgage, student and car loans, medical bills, and utilities. Roughly two-thirds, or 67%, of renter households reported the same.

Helping Our Communities in a Way That Counts

"Food security, just like shelter, is not a luxury—it’s a basic right of life. We are so grateful to have located a partner like FRN—which identified an area of real need in our world and found a practical, effective way to address it. This partnership perfectly illustrates the philanthropic spirit our members display daily in their communities, and we look forward to doing even more to feed Americans in need in the years ahead."

– NAR CEO Bob Goldberg

"NAR is such a powerful partner because they truly walk the walk to make food recovery the norm and not the exception, both by instituting food recovery plans at all of their national events … and by encouraging all of their members across the nation to establish food recovery programs at their own events."

– FRN Executive Director Regina Anderson

The Link Between Housing Affordability and Food Insecurity

Regina Anderson, Bob Goldberg, and Dr. Jessica Lautz explore the intersectionality of housing affordability and food insecurity, focusing on why these two life factors are linked and what happens when people do not have the resources they need to meet their life needs.

Get Involved

As part of its ongoing effort to address this significant, lingering need, NAR is supporting state and local REALTOR® associations working to have their own events Food Recovery Verified. Securing the verification means FRN will help organizations implement their own food recovery plan. Participation can count toward state and local REALTOR® associations' Core Standards Consumer Outreach requirement.

To qualify, event planners should:

  • Serve at least one meal and expect 200+ attendees.
  • Submit an application to FRN at least 30 days before the event.
  • Confirm that the venue is aware of the interest to establish a food recovery program. FRN can help with this process.

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