CARE Report: Community Aid and Real Estate

REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations serve as pillars of their communities and find charitable activities vital aspects of their ongoing efforts. This report provides insight into the monetary and temporal contributions that general members at large, broker-owners, and Association Executives (AEs ) or Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Staff give back to their communities.

Despite being one of the busiest years of real estate in recent history, REALTORS® remain charitably active in society. Monetary donations increased compared to 2020 when this study was last conducted, and charitable activities have largely been maintained since the onset of COVID-19, demonstrating REALTORS®’ dedication to and priority of their communities. Members are most likely to have volunteered with food delivery for the elderly or food banks to help with COVID-19 and nearly half volunteer the same amount as before the onset of the pandemic.

Members at large

  • 66% of REALTOR® members at large volunteered every month (67% in 2020).
  • The typical member at large generally volunteered four hours per month, compared to eight hours per month among those who volunteer.
  • 79% of REALTOR® members at large made donations last year (82% in 2020).
  • 67% of general members at large reported that their firm encourages its employees to volunteer (68% in 2020).
Bar graph: 66% of REALTOR® members volunteer monthly
66% of REALTOR® members volunteer monthly.

Broker Owners

  • 77% of broker owners volunteered on a monthly basis (79% in 2020).
  • 90% of broker owners made donations last year, compared to 92% in 2020.
  • The typical amount donated annually by broker owners increased this year: $2,300 among all broker owners and $3,000 among those who donated.
  • 80% of all broker owners encouraged their agents to be involved in their local community (69% in 2020).
Bar graph: Broker-owners who volunteer monthly
77% of broker-owners volunteer monthly.

AEs or MLS Staff

  • 66% of AEs or MLS staff volunteered every month (68% in 2020).
  • 87% of AEs or MLS staff made personal donations last year.
  • 90% of AE or MLS respondents’ associations held a fundraiser last year for their community (91% in 2020).
  • The median annual value that a typical association donated to their community increased again this year to $12,070 ($10,000 in 2020).
Bar graph: AEs and MLS staff who volunteer monthly
66% of AEs and MLS staff volunteer monthly.

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