Fair Housing Action Plan: ACT!

ACT! is NAR’s cornerstone fair housing initiative supporting Accountability, Culture Change, and Training to advance fair housing in our industry.

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ACT! advocates for accountability, delivers innovative training to REALTORS®, and promotes culture change to serve an increasingly diverse nation. NAR provides resources to our members, brokerages, and associations to implement ACT! locally.


Accountability is about taking responsibility and corrective action to fulfill our fair housing obligations.
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Strengthen State Licensing Laws
NAR urges state associations to promote minimum fair housing training requirements for real estate licensure. NAR is developing best practices for state licensing laws’ fair housing accountability mechanisms.
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Self-Testing Program
NAR has launched a self-testing program for brokerages to assess their agents’ compliance with fair housing laws and correct fair housing problems.

Culture Change

As community leaders and advocates for homeownership, real estate professionals can expand opportunities and help create more inclusive communities. NAR is recognizing REALTORS® who embody fair housing principles and practices in their businesses and communities.


ACT! prioritizes innovative, engaging fair housing training. NAR’s fair housing training is grounded in storytelling and experiential learning to help members identify, prevent and address discriminatory practices in real estate.

ACT! Origins

In the summer of 2019, NAR established a new Fair Housing Policy Committee to advocate more effectively on national fair housing policy. NAR also hired Bryan Greene as its Director of Fair Housing Policy, now the Vice President of Policy Advocacy. Bryan Greene served at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for 29 years, where he was the top career official overseeing enforcement of the federal Fair Housing Act.

In the fall of 2019, the New York Newsday investigation, Long Island Divided, was published underscoring the need for NAR to further ramp up and reinvigorate its fair housing commitment.

In January of 2020, the leadership of the National Association of REALTORS® met in Washington and unanimously passed the Fair Housing Action Plan (ACT!), which distinguishes NAR as a national industry leader on fair housing.

In the first year of ACT!, NAR launched Fairhaven, a fair housing simulation; Bias Override, a new implicit bias classroom course; established NAR’s voluntary self-testing program for brokerages; conducted analysis on state licensure law fair housing requirements; and created the REALTOR® Fair Housing Champion Award.