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Registration is open to all members, staff, and counsel on a first-come, first-served basis.

Attendance is limited to 50 participants to maximize the effectiveness of the training. The fee is $500 (non-refundable after August 20).

Questions about registration? Please contact Bernice Barajas at 312-329-8259 or email

About the Seminar

The seminar is led by Northwestern University Law School's Lynn Cohn, Duke University Law School's René Stemple Treh, and NAR Educator of the Year, REALTOR® Bruce Aydt.

The seminar is an intensive, two-and-a-half day learning experience designed to enhance and refine existing mediation skills. The seminar features a full day of three-person mediation simulations guided by individual coaches, and includes instruction and comprehensive support materials enabling participants to serve as mediators and ombuds for the sate and local associations and to share the techniques, skills, and expertise they gain with other REALTORS® and association executives.

These training efforts coupled with the willingness of the REALTORS® and association executives who attend—and who form the Association's cadre of mediators and trainers—enables the REALTOR® organization to effectively embrace and provide mediation and ombuds services as valuable dispute resolution tools.

Comments From Previous Attendees

  • "This is the best training that I have ever attended."
  • "Fabulous training."
  • "Superb demonstration of talent that exists in our industry."
  • "Unbelievable in the best sense of the word."
  • "So good I want to attend again."
  • "Instructors were excellent at drawing out the participants and removing any feeling of being judged or concerns of being evaluated."