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© 2017 Words and Music by Elizabeth J. Mendenhall and Benton Stokes. Songs From The Basement (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission. 

Video entries may not alter the song in any way, and the provided audio file must be used in any video created for the contest. 


Own It

There are moments that you can’t see coming; times you stand when others run. Your heart’s all in but every step’s a struggle; to keep on reaching for the sun. 

It all feels do or die, unlike anything before; it’s what you’ve been dreaming of, the choice is yours – now; 

Own it! 

Claim it for yourself. You and no one else, can make this happen. 

Own it! 

Watch the walls come down; believe it here and now, and the doors will open. This is your moment; 

Own it! 

Think of all the years that led you to this. Look around and you will find everyone who knows that you can do this; who were with you all the time. 

So come enjoy the ride, you are not alone. We’re in this together now; you’re finally home – so; 

Go ahead and take a chance, the love you find won’t ever let you fall; you’re gonna have it all – just 

Own it! 

©2017 Words and music by Elizabeth Mendenhall and Benton K. Stokes. Songs From The Basement (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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