Staff Contact for Logistics Only:

Beth Brittingham
Manager, Political Events
(202) 383-1209

Questions regarding your REALTOR® Party Committee, Council or Advisory Board meeting/training should be directed to your staff executive(s):

State and Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee
Staff Executive: Joe Maheady (

RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee
Staff Executive: Brooke Roth (

RPAC Major Investor Council
Staff Executive: Jessica Naake (

RPAC Participation Council
Staff Executive: Laura Camp (

RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee
Staff Executive: Scott Reiter ( and Lisa Friday Scott (

REALTOR® Party Trustees for State & Local Campaign Services Committee
Staff Executive: Gerry Allen (

Broker Involvement Council
Staff Executive: Erin Murphy (

REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee (RPMIC)
Staff Executive: Erin Murphy (

Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group
Staff Executive: Fred Underwood (

State RPAC Chairs
Staff Executives: Scott Reiter (, Lisa Friday Scott ( & Brooke Roth (

Smart Growth Advisory Board
Staff Executive: Hugh Morris (

State Presidents
Staff Executive: Susie Helm (

Regional Vice Presidents
Staff Executive: Lisa Thompson (