When a local REALTOR® Association approaches and works with a local chapter or board of a multicultural real estate organization, this work can and has brought the following benefits:

Value and Respect

REALTORS® already active in these groups who see that their input is sought, views valued, and talent and skills are engaged, see value in their membership. Seeing their local association partner with these groups shows that their engagement, ideas and leadership are respected and valued in both organizations.


Members who are inspired to engage in association matters advancing real estate and community issues often build leadership skills that can benefit both organizations. Inclusion of diverse leadership in our industry strengthens both the REALTOR® and multicultural organization.

Improved Policy & Programs

Gaining different perspectives from the members and leaders of all organizations helps to develop policy and programs that are relevant and inclusive to more of the market and membership.

Increased Professionalism

Providing equal and professional services requires an understanding of the needs and issues facing multiple communities. Engaging with multicultural real estate organizations opens avenues to community leaders and advocates to understand how REALTORS® can better serve the communities.

Expanded Influence

Community leaders and policy makers representing many local and national multicultural demographic groups, seeing partnership, mutual respect and inclusion, are more likely to view our advocacy on real estate issues as coming from the communities and constituents they represent.



The REALTOR® commitment to diversity and equality is perhaps the strongest in real estate, going even further than the federal Fair Housing Act.

Diversity and Inclusion Grants

Diversity and Inclusion grants are available to local REALTOR® organizations for activities that expand the inclusion of diversity in leadership.