NAR partners with four national multicultural real estate organizations to address shared real estate policy issues and to better serve REALTORS® who also hold membership in those organizations.

For local REALTOR® associations, partnering with the local chapters or boards of these organizations can be effective in engaging a more diverse membership base and expanding perspectives regarding the local real estate market. NAR has also improved and strengthened its relationship with these organizations, resulting in increased diversity on NAR committees and advocacy efforts for easier access to credit and homeownership.


Benefits of Partnerships

Find out how local REALTOR® Associations can benefit from partnering with a local chapter or board of a multicultural real estate organization.


The REALTOR® commitment to diversity and equality is perhaps the strongest in real estate, going even further than the federal Fair Housing Act.

Diversity and Inclusion Grants

Diversity and Inclusion grants are available to local REALTOR® organizations for activities that expand the inclusion of diversity in leadership.