Winter 2014: Invest in Yourself and Strengthen Your Foundation

As 2014 comes to a close, benefit from the advice of the commercial industry’s top professionals on how to grow one’s career in commercial real estate through education, networking and finding new ways to give back at local, state and/or federal levels; see who was honored with a 2014 National Commercial Award; save money with useful business tips for year-end; and prepare for the new year with 10 big picture industry trends for 2015.

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Some of you may be starting out in commercial real estate, while others have been in the industry for decades. As competition grows, no matter how successful any of us may be, there are ways to continue growing one’s career.

Mileage Log: A common misconception is that you have to write down your beginning and ending odometer every time you get in and out of your car for business. An ending odometer at the end of December, which becomes the beginning odometer for the start of the new tax year, is all you need to know to have the total number of miles driven during the year. Your business mileage...

You don't have to run a dedicated coworking space to take advantage of the new way people are working. Tons of small businesses, ranging from law firms to design studios to real estate offices, are leveraging empty desks for cash. Utilizing your excess workspace can off set real estate costs in a big way.

  1. Be flexible and smart about the physical set up of your space. Buy
  2. ...
  1. The easiest way to reduce cost – don't use it. Adjusting your energy schedules, even 15 minutes on your building start-up and shutdown, can save thousands of dollars a year.
  2. A kilowatt isn't a kilowatt – Energy prices vary throughout a 24 hour period. Attempt to use energy when demand is low – some utilities
  3. ...
  1. Get organized: Make sure you have all of the relevant personal, property, and business (if applicable) financial statements and tax filings prepared and ready to submit beforehand.
  2. Shop your deal: There are thousands of bank and non-bank mortgage lenders in the marketplace; don’t limit yourself too early. The more options you explore, the more
  3. ...


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