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2011 is shaping up to be one of the most consequential years for buying a car in a long time. In part this is because of the Chevy Volt, which is now appearing in showrooms across the country and is turning out to be a genuine game-changer. It's a true electric car. You plug it in at night and, for the most part,  you have enough juice to do all of your city driving the next day. If you run out of juice, the gasoline engine kicks in seamlessly---not to run the car but to run the electric generator.

Handling and styling are getting high marks, too. So, expect the Volt to give hybrids and the other electric car, the Nissan Leaf, a run for the money.

But there are other innovations coming to fruition this year, with advances in safety technologies and next-generation mobile accessories that are really making your car an extesion of your office.

So, what will the car you choose this year or next say about who you are as a real estate professional? What style do you want to convey?

To look at car issues from your standpoint as an agent, we're hosting one of the country's foremost automotive journalists to talk about the innovations coming together with the 2011 model year in a webinar that's free to agents.

Paul Eisenstein Paul Eisenstein

Paul Eisenstein, publisher of and a contributor to Motor Trend, The Economist, Wired, Daily Beast, and MSNBC, among other publications, will look at what’s new in 2011 — and 2012, and how to balance safety, image, and performance in your choice of vehicle.

He’ll also talk about productivity features that can help you conduct business outside the office, what’s the latest on battery-powered vehicles, and how to negotiate a good deal on your next vehicle.

The webinar is Thursday, Feb. 24, at 3 p.m., Eastern Time. It lasts an hour, and the last 10 minutes or so will be reserved for your questions.

Register for the free webinar.

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