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Trendy Staging Props That Have Been Overused

Some once-popular home accessories used in staging are now being called overdone. A recent article at Apartment Therapy highlighted some of the trends that designers say they aren't seeing much of anymore, including: 


A wall with Chevrons printed on it.

The popular V pattern practically became a mainstay in decorating interiors over the last few years. "Chevron paint in the nursery, chevron accent walls, chevron bedding, chevron kitchen towels, chevron throw pillows—even in small doses, it adds up to just too much," designers note in the article.  


Macrame hanging on a wall behind a table

This fad, taken from the 1970s, has had a comeback in recent years. Many staged bedrooms will feature the knotted textile. But designers say they prefer a textile art that feels more mature and modern than this older trend. 

Edison bulbs

An edison lightbulb on a pipe lamp

The exposed light bulbs have proven to be a popular home accent. But is it time to turn out the lights on these bulbs? Designers say the Edison bulb look has been used too much, and it's time to bring back lampshades to dress up a tabletop. 

Fiddle leaf figs

A fern in front of a white wall

Even certain plant choices are being called overdone, proving that it may be possible to have too much green in the home. The fiddle leaf fig has proven a trending centerpiece. But "the demise of this social media darling makes way for more interesting plants or familiar plants used in different ways," Apartment Therapy notes. 

What do you think? Which popular home accessory trends are you sick of seeing in staging? 


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