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Top 5 Preferences for Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey

LAS VEGAS – Check the lists below to see if any of your listings include any of these home features. If so, you might have an extra selling point to attract buyers. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Consumer Preferences survey, these are the features most in demand among today’s buyers.

Top 5 Kitchen Features
1. Walk in pantry: 86 percent
2. Island work area: 80 percent
3. Special use storage (custom made for appliances): 66 percent
4. Built-in microwave: 72 percent
5. Drinking water filtration: 69 percent

Top 5 Bathroom Features
1. Linen closet: 89 percent
2. Exhaust fan: 88 percent
3. Separate shower enclosure: 79 percent
4. Water temperature control: 79 percent
5. Whirlpool tub: 66 percent

Top 5 Specialty Areas
1. Laundry room: 92 percent
2. Dining room: 81 percent
3. Home office: 71 percent

4. Den/library: 63 percent
5. Sun room: 53 percent

Top 5 Decorative Features
1. Ceiling fan: 83 percent
2. Built-in shelving: 70 percent
3. Window seats: 51 percent
4. Woodburning fireplace: 48 percent
5. Gas fireplace: 48 percent

Top 5 Community Features Preferred
1. Walking/jogging trails: 49 percent
2. Park area: 46 percent
3. Outdoor swimming pool: 39 percent
4. Lake: 34 percent
5. Playgrounds: 32 percent


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