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How to Style and Stage Your Online Brand

The principles of home staging can also apply to your digital marketing. Content sponsor explains how your website’s aesthetic can attract prospects.

You already know that consumers rely heavily on visual content, which is why staging helps fuel a home sale. But the visual element matters online, too. What your real estate website looks like may influence whether a prospect decides to work with you. A sleek, well-organized layout with a complementary color scheme and high-quality images—the same principles that make a listing stand out—can help you build an attention-grabbing online presence.

Think about how buyers respond to homes both logically and emotionally. Practically speaking, they may have a certain checklist they’re evaluating the house against, such as a certain number of bedrooms, specific features like an inground pool, or certain materials like hardwood floors. However, on an emotional level, a buyer will instinctively respond to design choices such as color, fabric and layout.

When visiting your website or social media profiles, those same logical and emotional responses will be connected to you and your brand. Knowing the design trends that are popular in your market can help you choose what to showcase on your site and make you more attractive to potential clients.

Your website is often the first introduction to you that consumers will get. If you have a .realtor™ domain and website, you can demonstrate your personality through customizable design templates, giving prospects a sense of who you are and what it might be like to work with you. Even more, a .realtor™ domain and website instantly establish your credibility and expertise as a REALTOR® in your market. Now you’ve got an effective online presence that makes people aware of who you are, what services you offer and how they can contact you. It’s a recipe for enhancing the connections you make in real life.

Tell Your Story Through Professional Images

Josh Jerman, REALTOR® and broker at Hawaii Life on the island of Maui, prominently features photos that appeal to the Hawaii lifestyle on his website, The images include ocean views and private beaches. “My ideal customers are sophisticated real estate investors, collectors of trophy properties and all-around good people. I appreciate clients who are at the top of their game, and I work hard and intelligently on their behalf. When selecting images to appear on my website, I choose properties that appeal to the clientele with whom I work and align with my long-term business goals,” says Jerman.

Try curating a portfolio of your previous real estate listings, which not only acts as a testament to your track record of accomplishment but also serves as a visual representation of your signature style and approach to property presentation. By carefully selecting high-quality images that highlight the most appealing features of each property, you can communicate your eye for artful staging.

Whether you’re displaying the charm of a cozy living room or the breathtaking views from a balcony, a digital portfolio of professional images enables you to weave a compelling narrative around each property, tapping into the buyer’s emotions and evoking a deeper connection. Telling a story helps buyers envision a house as a home.

Better Visuals, More Clients

Professional photographs, virtual tours and videos are a quick and effective way to communicate not only the unique features and selling points of each individual property but also your own brand. This motivates potential clients who align with your brand to connect with you. Here are some examples of .realtor™ websites that achieve the balance:

You likely already have what you need to get started building your real estate website. You have professional photos, a professional headshot and a good grasp of the design trends and styles that attract consumers in your market. So, how do you maximize all of that?

As a REALTOR®, you get exclusive access to your very own .realtor™ domain. This domain is free for the first year and $39.95 annually after that. Plus, you’ll receive a free professional website with several pre-made templates that you can have up and running in as little as five minutes.

Ready to build your brand and showcase your photos online? Claim your free .realtor™ domain and website today.


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