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Snakes on the House! How’d You Like to Try to Sell This House?

Thousands of snakes have invaded a five-bedroom home in Idaho, and one real estate agent is on a search for a snake-loving buyer.

Realty Quest associate broker Todd Davis has been searching for a buyer for the home, infamously known as the “Idaho Snake House.” "I guess I need a snake lover," he told the Daily Mail. "Or someone with multiple mongooses."

The owners of the home had walked away last year after snakes began overtaking the home; the home has since fallen into foreclosure.

Thousands of snakes are estimated to be slithering on the home’s ceilings and walls. Many snakes are believed to be sandwiched between the house and its exterior siding. Piles of snakes were also found in the crawlspace. While the garter snakes are not poisonous and harmless to humans, many buyers may not want the slithering reptiles as roommates.

Joe Collins, director of the Center for North American Herpetology in Lawrence, Kan., told the Daily Mail that the house was likely built on a snake den site. If that’s the case, the snakes are not likely to relocate, even if temporarily uprooted.

The home is listed at $109,000 -- $66,000 less than its estimated market value.

So any ideas on how to stage around snakes? Watch the YouTube video below of the prior home owners describing their co-habitants.


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