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Room with a View: How to Accent Your Listing's Stellar Outdoor Views
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By Katie Laird, guest blogger

Take a peek through the windows of your newest listing — what do you see? A stunning seascape? The glitzy city skyline? Layers of mountains stacked against the horizon? Make it impossible for potential buyers to ignore the gorgeous vista that a property offers by maximizing its appeal with these two important strategies.

Use the right window treatments to complement the view.

Shades, drapes, and blinds don’t just enhance the interior: They frame the exterior. Sellers can highlight the thriving, metropolitan mood of a cityscape with contemporary window shades. They can bring the outside in with charming shutters opened around a quaint country landscape, or use sheer curtains blowing in the breeze around a beach view. With the right frame, buyers will feel like they could even own the horizon.

The color and pattern of window treatments should enhance, not distract from, the view. Advise sellers to subtly match hues between the outdoors and in. For a window that flaunts forested hills, choose drapes in a simple pattern with a hint of green to bring the scenery inside. For a home that overlooks a rocky coastline, soften the look with lightweight window shades in a color pulled directly from the stone.

Stage the room to draw the eye to the view.

To hang curtains that maximize the view, extend the curtain rod higher and wider, so when drapes are open they do not cover any of the window. This makes the window appear larger, and offers more visibility to the outside. Station a comfortable chair and side table near the window with a coffee mug styled on a tray so the buyer can imagine calm mornings with their gorgeous new view.

With the right window treatments and staging, the personality of the view outside can become the focal point inside that motivates a buyer. What tricks have you learned to accent an alluring landscape?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katie Laird is a frequent public speaker on social media marketing, social customer care and profitable company culture. An active blogger and early social technology adopter, you can find her online as “happykatie” sharing home décor, yoga, parenting and vegetarian cooking tips. Laird is also the director of social marketing for


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