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Paint Firm Wants You to Give Its Worst Paint Color a Try

It’s bold, but is it beautiful?

Sherwin-Williams has launched a campaign to get more people to try what it’s calling “the loneliest color.” Kingdom Gold, a yellowish gold with green undertones, is one of the paint brand’s least popular selling colors. However, they believe homeowners are missing out on what a yellow pop could do to their interiors.

Sherwin-Williams partnered with global fashion icon, Daniel Day, known as Dapper Dan, to create a fashion line using the color. They also want to show the possibilities for inside a home.

“There are challenges posed in home design when selecting a shade with intensity, but with the right palette and design support, Kingdom Gold SW 6698 can provide a magical balance that's both grounding and stimulating,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

The paint firm offers some suggestions on how to incorporate the hue, such as in small doses through throw pillows, artwork or decorative items. It “will add warmth without overwhelming,” Wadden says. “Feature and accent walls are a great place to add a bold shade that will create a focal point in a larger, well-lit room that balances with neutral colors elsewhere.”

Gold wall in office
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams
Gold around fireplace
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams
Gold wall in dining room
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams
Gold office doors
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams

Listen in as Melissa Dittmann Tracey takes on the “loneliest color” in the “Hot or Not?” segment on Real Estate Today.


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