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Hot Home Trend: Black Window Trim

Especially on light-colored exteriors and interiors, a black trim creates an eye-catching contrast.

Black trim inside
Photo credit: Jodie Johnson / Getty Images

Black trim around windows can modernize a home’s look, providing pop of contrast in rooms with lighter color schemes. Black trim is being incorporated into a variety of home styles, including industrial, farmhouse, bohemian, modern and even traditional.

Black trim kitchen
Photo credit: Joe Hendrickson / Getty Images

Designers favor black window trim on a home’s exterior to boost curb appeal, particularly on white homes. Inside, black trim can help draw the eye to the windows and highlight outdoor views. Eyes are drawn to contrast, which is why the white-black pairing is so trendy at the moment.

But is this look timeless? Black window trim was common in the 19th century Victorian era, so designers say this has proven to be a lasting trend that won’t get tiresome anytime soon.


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